Direct TV


How does DIRECTV® compare with cable?
DIRECTV™ offers better programming choices and great value with 100% digital quality picture and sound.

Can I receive my local channels?
YES! Your local channels are already included with your DIRECTV® programming package. There are no extra fees on top of your already low price on programming.

Will I need a separate dish to receive my local channels?
NO! Unlike other satellite TV providers, your local channels are received through one dish connected to your home with DIRECTV®.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my DIRECTV® system or programming?
DIRECTV® offers 24-hour customer service. Just call the phone number on your bill.

What if I move? Can I take my DIRECTV® service with me?
Yes, leave your old dish and we'll bring you a new one at your new address. Just call us to schedule. We distribute programming across the United States.

What is HDTV?
HDTV is a system that significantly enhances the reception of television broadcasts. Programming that is broadcast in high definition can have up to a million pixels of resolution, resulting in cleaner, crisper, sharper pictures delivered in Dolby Digital® surround-sound audio. These broadcasts, when combined with high-definition display equipment, create superb picture and sound quality for an unsurpassed home theater experience.

What kind of programming does DIRECTV® offer?
DIRECTV® offers over 225 channels of entertainment including the Disney® Channel, ESPN®, CNN®, TNT®, HBO®, Showtime®, & Cinemax®. Check out our programming page for full details.

Can my homeowners association keep me from installing a DIRECTV® system?
Not in most cases. The FCC has ruled that local governments and homeowners associations may not prevent the installation of small satellite dishes, except in very limited cases. For more information, visit for more information.

If you have more questions, please call us at 1-888-856-2257.